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What our great students say about our class, the content and our personalities.  



Delaney & Scott are a great team. They are the perfect mix of goofy and professional. They are both talented body workers. I will attempt to join the Washington Sports Massage Team because I experienced this class.

~ Rebekah Zal, LMP



Scott and Delaney have a great dynamic and tons of great experience to share. I had a great time and look forward to another class in the future.

~ Graham



This course is worth attending. Well spoken and consistent. A new way of approach for more limited time as well as no drape required.

~ Class Attendant



Great Course!!! Dynamically impressive instructors! Would take it again!!

~ Chantz



These guys put the excitement in massage. You will leave this class thinking "Yes I can".

~ Lee



These guys are a great team. What they teach works. Almost too much to absorb but worth the effort.

~ Brian



I learned a lot and was encouraged to have fun. Scott & Delaney are a great team!

~ Raymond

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