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Learning Objectives

- Hands on ability to peform Event Sport Massgae (Pre/Post/Intra)

- Ways to get involved in the sports massage market

- To utilize the client's movement through therapist body mechanics

- How to network with other health care providers in the sporting industry

- Unerstanding sports massage as a philosophy not a technique

This course is intended to take seasoned therapists, as well as the newly graduated massage 
therapist and expose them more into the sports massage realm. Providing them with the background of what Sports Massage is, how to physically last in this environment  and then educating them with the knowledge on how to utilize  this work both at events and in their office.

Class Schedule

Scott Lesieur Teaching

Intro to Sports Massage

July 28th and 29th, 2023
Friday and Saturday

Pacific Northwest Massage Academy
Vancouver, WA


Special offer to all student who have taken our course:


If you want to take the course over again, we have a special rate of $150.00. We find that once you learn something, and then practice it, and then come back and continue learning it, you may find a different appreicate in your learning the topic the second time around. Also, your presence in the class will benefit all of the newer class mates where you can bestow your experience with sports massage onto them. Thus making it a better learning experience overall for everyone.

For more information, please email us.

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