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Delaney Farmer, and Scott Lesieur providing a tandem approach in teaching Sports Massage skills that you can use within your practice, office, spa, high schools, Colleges and at the professional level. We keep things fresh by giving different approaches for the same goals. Two teachers and their experiences within one class room experience.

Upcoming Classes


All classes for 2022 are in the works. 

  • June 4th & 5th, 2022
    Sage Academy of Massage and Bodyworks
    Moses Lake, WA

    *If you want to be placed on a waiting list for upcoming classes - email us through our contact page and we will add you to our list. 



​     Delaney & Scott are a great team. They are the perfect mix of goofy and professional. They are both talented body workers. I will attempt to join the Washington Sports Massage Team because I experienced this class.

Course topics include:

  • Basic effects of sports massage

  • Pre-Event Massage Work

  • Post-Event Massage Work

  • Thermal Dysfunction Management (Hypo/Hyperthermia)

  • Cramp Management

  • Plenty of hands on training

  • And much much more...


What we find separates program with others are:
  • We have a tandem team approach. You get two views for the same topic. 

  • We literally talk about the definition of "What IS Sports Massage"

  • Now that you learned Sports Massage, we teach you ways to get involved  within the field (Recreation, High School, Colleges, Professional Sports)

  • We talk about how to work with other Health Care Providers

  • We talk and go over heavily with Body Mechanics - so you can spend many more years providing massage care to your athletes and clients.

  • We LOVE to have fun. We play music and lots of it! Our bantering between us creates a comical and entertaining atmosphere.

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